Going to year 10 Full-service capabilities

“Handle Inter Group” steps into its 10th year of sustainability. Reaffirming its position as a leading provider of logistics and logistics services in Thailand.

Handle Inter Group to Stability and Sustainability Reaffirming its position as a leading provider of logistics and logistics services in Thailand. With international standards of service. Promotes a strong teamwork – Professional service. Continuous improvement of service quality. Go to the best service provider. With the most reasonable price of Thailand.

Handle Inter Group Highlights “Best Transport and Service” and Transportation and Logistics Leadership With the position is Total Logistics, a global provider of integrated logistics services. The focus of customer satisfaction is location. From the first step of its founding, on August 8, 2003, today Handle Inter Group has been firmly established in the past 10 years. Team expertise As well as the widespread vision of service providers, today Handle Inter Group is the leading logistics provider in Thailand.

Handle Inter Group, a group of companies with high potential. Of Thailand in logistics business Clearly illustrated in logistics and logistics professionals. With the strength of having seven affiliated companies that can provide coverage on all land, air, and water transport routes. Send to the company Has been recognized and trusted in the service throughout. The past, the company. The growth rate is very high. With the expansion of the service is not stop …

In this regard, the Handle Inter Group is leading the way to success. And as a veteran in the logistics industry, Mr. Somchai Rung Borwornwong, Managing Director of Handle Inter Group, has expressed the view that management Key strategies that create competitive advantage It is a full service. Customers can contact us at one place, but they have full service. From the factory door to the destination. At the heart of the Handle Inter Group is always focused. Is the development of professional personnel Build a team and a good system and quality. And strive to improve service efficiency. The goal is to be a one stop service provider in all aspects related to international transportation. Total logistics with everything that customers need. The goal is to remind customers of the Handle Inter Group in the image of “Best Transport and Service”

Source: freightmaxad
Author: Panan Banyataya