Going to year 9 Announcing Thai Logistics Leadership Potential

“Handle Inter Group” Announces Thailand’s Leader in Logistics

Handle Inter Group to Strengthen its Logistics Leadership in Year 9 Commitment to quality service. Hope fulfills maximum customer satisfaction. Holds a strong teamwork – Professional service Confidence – trust from customers reiterated the stance “Handle Inter Group is the best transportation and service”

Logistics Business in Thailand Prove a clear international professionalism. Many entrepreneurs accelerate their strategy. Improve service efficiency in all aspects. In order to meet the needs of customers to the maximum. The view is that customers are important. One thing that paves the way to success is the vision of the service provider. Modernity in the thinking. And the key is to have a strong teamwork …

As a leading rig, who will lead the business to success. As a specialist in the logistics industry, Mr. Somchai Rung Borwornwong Managing Director Handle Inter Group has demonstrated its management prowess to this day. Handle Inter Group has entered the 9th year with the position of Total Logistics as a full service logistics provider. World standard circuit Today, Handle Inter Group has opened a new building that demonstrates the company’s security. This is the best year that the company is ready in every aspect.

“The key focus at Handle Inter Group is focused on professional development. Team building and quality system. We strive to improve service efficiency. And to provide a full range of things to move forward. It is a one stop service in all aspects related to international transportation. Total logistics with everything that customers need. The goal is to make customers think of the Handle Inter Group as “the best transportation and service,” said Somchai.

Source: freightmaxad